Welcome to Comphurst Cross Country


We are open



Comphurst Field ( by the arena) and Birches (next to Comphurst field)   are open. Parking is in the field at the top of Castle Field.

There is excellent grass cover, with all-weather take-off and landing pads. These are designed so that the sand that we laid down is covered by grass, giving the best possible support for jumps. We have strimmed the jumps.

If the time you would like to come is not on offer on our booking system, please text your requirements to 07541032398 and we will do our best to accommodate you.  


Dressage lessons are available over either as test-riding or flatwork training in our 25x60 Bill Kear school with mirrors. Training with Tanya Reid, BD Coach, BD Youth Coach, BE dressage judge,  BD Judge List 4 Judge.  Cost £40.00

Cross Country lessons; Individual; £50.00, shared £40.00 (price includes course hire).

Show jumping lessons available at £40.00 and you are welcome to share.


Please do not simply arrive without following the above procedure. 



At Comphurst, we have always welcomed people with dogs accompanying riders, as long as the dogs are under control, on a short lead and their owners pick up any dog mess. HOWEVER, we have been open a week and I have already found 5 loose dogs on the course so I am seriously reviewing this. Your dog may not cause a problem for you as it gambles about, but it may cause an issue for another user of the course, and it nullifies our insurance. Can I please politely ask, if you cannot keep your dog on a short lead, do not bring it with you? Other venues do not allow dogs and we may soon adopt this policy.
For full terms, please read the disclaimer.


The xc facilities

We have over 250 jumps ranging from 30cm to 1.20m and cater for all standards and abilities. Comphurst is the perfect place for professionals, riding and pony clubs, young horses having their first xc session, children, and groups of friends wanting a fun day out. we pride ourselves in our high standards, with jumps built to BE specifications and every sort of fence you are likely to meet at a Horse Trials, from banks, ditches, Trakheners, steps, skinnies, wishing wells. a whole range of Badminton Grassroots jumps and, of course, our wonderful natural water complex. We really look after our ground; we are on sand and have a regular programme of mowing, strimming, topping, grazing in the winter and we are top up our take offs and landings throughout the year.

Book a time slot and stay as long as you like!


Emergency Details

Please note the different postcodes for each field before you go on the course, just in case you need to quote them for the emergency service. Details are on the Disclaimer, which we urge you to read and which you sign online for those riders in your party.

Emergency numbers; Post code for the car/lorry park and Castle Field; BN27 4RZ (same entrance as PGL). Postcode for Comphurst and Birches Fields (by the school/house) BN27 4TX (down Comphurst Lane next to The Horseshoe). Grid ref;Ref no 50*53'00.1'N 0*20'54.5'E  Tanya; 07541032398. We strongly advise that everyone makes a note of these numbers and reads the disclaimer (see below and Ts and Cs) before they use the facilities.


One-to-one coaching is available, using government guidelines, over the cross country fences from Tanya Reid, BHSAI, BHS Accredited Professional Coach, UKCC Coach, Pony Club Coach, BD judge, BD Coach, BD Youth Coach/Assessor.. Ring or text Tanya on 07541 032 398 for details. 



Parking is easy; just drive through the entrance gates and drive down into the feild to park. 

The post code for this entrance is BN27 4RZ.

 About CXC

Set on our 250 acre farm, Comphurst Cross Country is a professionally built cross country training facility with over 200 jumps including ditches, skinnies, banks, steps, combinations, trakheners, etc, and a fantastic water complex. We offer regular clinics with BE and International trainers, as well as excellent rates for PC/RC, and hire of the facilities to individuals, whether you are a 5* rider preparing for Badminton or friends want a fun day out with your horses.

See our gallery for photos or visit our FB page. Details of upcoming clinics are on this website.