CXC Membership

CLICK HERE for Membership

Comphurst Cross Country Membership costs £30 per person and is valid for a season. Membership allows each member to claim the Member's rate for cross country schooling (this option will come up as you pay on the online booking system). This means that each member can book in and pay the reduced fee of £20 per session for each horse that they ride.

Membership is not transferrable, so a Member cannot pay the reduced rate for a non-member. Non-members must pay the usual rate of £25 per horse.

Membership is something that our clients asked us to provide and we are trialling it this year. It's a way of allowing our customers who frequently use CXC to save money and for us to reward their loyalty. Any abuse of the system will mean termination of the scheme. We hope that it will be very successful and we welcome your feedback.

Because we try to provide affordable training at reasonable rates our margins on clinics are small so, unfortunately,  we cannot offer reduced rates to members on clinics.